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        Who we are/how we work

        Binder Associates is a small team of highly experienced global biopharma executives. Our hands-on principals work directly with clients on a limited number of select engagements. Because we have held senior leadership positions across the industry, we bring deep subject matter expertise to every client opportunity and can engage an extensive global network of business leaders to rapidly achieve client objectives.

          • Founded in 2000 Binder Associates has over 16 years experience in the international life science industry
          • The service we provide is based on true understanding of requirements, organizational processes and partnering within the life science industry
          • We are able to prepare for an exit if needed in order to optimize the outcome and securing the deal
          • Our basis is trust. We work with founders, private investors and leaders of the industry in order to enable solutions
          • We focus on projects which fit to our competencies and markets and we say “no” whenever we are not the right ones for a job
          • Our strength includes a strong network in Europe, North America and Asia
          • We are experts in identifying the right targets and buyers

          We have a substantial track record in corporate development, acquisitions and divestments, manufacturing facilities, businesses, service companies such as CMOs, analytical services, development companies etc., technology providers etc.

          Please contact us to learn more about our track record.

          Binder Associates

          Rankinestraße 4 · 86899 Landsberg am Lech

          Phone: +49 8191 9856 335 · Mail: